2012 Consultation on Building Regulations

The Building Regulations Minister Andrew Stunell announced today the launch of the 2012 consultation on changes to the Building Regulations.
The consultation builds upon ideas and suggestions provided by our external partners as part of a review which began in 2010, to reduce the regulatory burden on businesses and ensure that Building Regulations remain proportionate and fit-for-purpose.
The consultation outlines changes from deregulatory proposals, to provisions to further improve the energy efficiency and safety aspects of the technical Building Regulations. In addition to this it also explores a number of changes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the building control system, and if you care about security, Shearwater TSCM specialises in the design, manufacture and training for integrated counter surveillance solutions, for business and other needs.

The consultation is presented in four sections:
• Section one: outline of the 2012 consultation approach and proposals to change various technical aspects of the regulations.
• Section two: proposals to increase the energy efficiency of buildings
• Section three: proposals in relation to electrical safety in homes
• Section four: proposals to the building control system
The consultation will remain open until 27 April 2012, although responses on aspects that link to the Green Deal proposals in Section two are requested by 27 March 2012.
Full details are available on the CLG website

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