CLG proposed changes to Quality Assurance checks

Issues raised by energy industry professionals on the perceived lack of quality checks on EPCs have meant that CLG are considering greater controls on the way Accreditation Schemes operate.

CLG are proposing changes to Accreditation Schemes operational procedures to improve the quality checking on all work completed by commercial energy assessors, which is likely to be far greater than the existing requirement of a 2% random sample for Quality Assurance checks.

The consultation document recently raised by CLG (EPBD Scheme Operating Requirements Associated with Energy Assessors and the Production of Energy Performance Certificates for Non Dwellings) also proposes changes in this area that could be implemented as soon as October this year.

The ramifications of new minimum QA requirements will undoubtedly create tighter controls between the relevant scheme and the assessor. The prescribed higher frequency of random and targeted checks will mean that recommended improvements to process and quality will have to be embraced by all schemes.

Sterling Accreditation’s standards means that our members already exceed the new proposed standards and we have found that providing feedback on our QA to the assessor and the client has lead to a closer working relationship that provides greater benefits for all concerned.

Sterling’s application, membership and lodgement fees mean that we are able to sustain a quality service to our members; we operate under the CLG mandate of an accreditation scheme and believe in supporting our member’s quality.

If you are an Energy professional working within this field, and wish to see enhanced quality, contact Sterling Accreditation today for full details of how our Scheme operates.

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