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Validity period and production of EPCs

Solution Validity period

If an EPC has already been produced for a property, this EPC can be re-used for
future sales or rental of the property. EPCs are valid for 10 years from the date of their
production and can be re-used as many times as required within that period.
If a new EPC is lodged, this then becomes the only valid one. EPCs are not
invalidated by renovation works or improvements. However, a landlord or seller may
wish to obtain a new certificate to demonstrate the energy efficiency improvements to
potential tenants/ buyers.

Production of EPCs

EPCs for existing buildings must be produced by an accredited domestic energy
assessor and for new buildings by an on construction domestic energy assessor
For either type of energy assessor to be accredited, they must be registered with an
accreditation scheme. It is the scheme’s responsibility to ensure the assessor is
competent and that periodic quality checks are carried out on the assessor’s work.
More information on accreditation for domestic energy assessors is here and on construction
domestic energy assessors is here
The domestic energy assessor will carry out a survey of a property to gather data
about the dwelling and the building fabric, the extent of any insulation, the installed
heating and hot water services and the fixed lighting.
As a domestic energy assessor may be visiting occupied homes, they are required to
pass a basic criminal records bureau or CRB check. This requirement applies to inhouse
staff trained as domestic energy assessors as well as those external to the
There are a number of ways to identify energy assessors who could produce domestic
• the EPC register at has a search facility to locate assessors
in a given postcode area. The search will identify assessors that have agreed to
have their details given out, and will show their accreditation details, qualifications
and contact details.
• lists of assessors may be held by lettings and management agents and estate
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