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Shell and core buildings

Solution For shell and core buildings not all the services will be installed (especially heating, mechanical
ventilation and air conditioning) at the point where the building is sold or rented out.

In the case of building units that are let as bare structures without services at all, but where they
will be fitted out and there is the expectation that energy will be used to condition the indoor
climate, an EPC should be provided.
The EPC should be based on the maximum design fit-out specification as used for compliance
with Part L of the Building Regulations (in respect of the building’s use class in planning
legislation). Part L ensures that building work conforms to current energy performance standards.
Where insufficient information is supplied (i.e. in this case there are no services installed), Part L
defaults to the worst energy rating allowed under Part L. Therefore, the most energy intensive
fixed services fit-out allowed under Part L will be assumed. Any subsequent fit-out will need to
comply with Part L of the Building Regulations. The services installed will either be as assumed
or more energy efficient if the tenant chooses a more energy efficient specification.
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