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EPC Lodgement

Solution The database currently used to retain EPC data for existing dwellings and which is accessed by Local Authorities for enforcement purposes has been extended. The database will be used to lodge all EPCs for both new and existing dwellings and non-domestic buildings. This is now in place for dwellings, with the non-domestic element being available from 28 January 2013.
A fee for certificate lodgement has been introduced (£1.15 per dwelling and £5.36 non-domestic buildings). The availability of this larger dataset will aid the Local Authority in their role as enforcement body. As part of developing the register as a resource, local authority access to register data will support your enforcement role.
There is now a requirement to lodge EPC data to the register for new buildings subject to a building warrant application submitted from 9 January 2013. This facility is under development and will be available for new non-domestic buildings from 28 January 2013, with a ‘go-live’ date for new dwelling EPCs to be advised. An update on the introduction of this facility will be provided to all Building Standards Managers shortly.
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