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Are farm buildings covered by legislation? Do they require a non-domestic EPC?

Solution Most buildings which are sold or rented out will require an EPC. The intention is that an
EPC is not required for:
(a) buildings which do not use fuel or power for controlling the temperature of the internal
(b) non-domestic buildings and buildings that are ancillary to a dwelling that are standalone
having an area less than 50 square metres;
(c) conversions, alterations and extensions to buildings other than alterations and
extensions to stand-alone buildings having an area less than 50 square metres that
would increase the area to 50 square metres or more, or alterations to buildings
involving the fit-out of the shell which the subject of a continuing requirement;
(d) limited life buildings which have an intended life of less than 2 years; and
(e) buildings that are subject to Schedule 1 of the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004,
as amended. (see
as amended)
Many farm buildings will be subject to the above exemptions.
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